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                                                                                     Code of Conduct for In Store Play

Here at Sanctuary Games we want to ensure that everyone has a good time, in a clean, fun, safe, and inclusive environment.

Put Fun First

Competition is a part of our games, but win or lose, we keep it friendly, respectful, and fun.

Welcome Everyone

Our community includes a range of diverse people. No matter who sits down at the table with us, we make them feel welcome.

Keep it Clean

We’re all caretakers of the game experience, and that includes the spaces we play in. Each of us should help maintain a clean and safe environment for all.

Be Respectful to the store, and all people in it

Please be mindful of things like language, inappropriate jokes, being overly loud, giving other people unwanted attention, and things like that. We cater to customers of all ages, and our staff is just as diverse. What may seem appropriate or funny in your circle may not be so well received by others

No strong odours

This covers everything from perfume / cologne to body odours. If you are coming to use the public space, please do not wear strong scented perfumes. It is expected that anyone coming to use our space practices proper hygiene before arriving; showered, wearing clean, well fitted clothes, deodorant, etc. Nobody wants to shop in, or play in, a store that smells bad, so please be mindful.

Obey All the Rules

Anyone found to be in violation of the code of conduct will be asked to leave without warning. We will not allow the poor behaviour of the few to impact the great experience of the many.

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